Long Lost Dr. Seuss Book: What Pet Should I Get?

July 25, 2015

what-pet-should-i-getHave you ever had to choose a new pet? I have certainly been through the process many times. Have you ever read a Dr. Seuss book or seen a TV show/movie based on his books? I think most of us have enjoyed many of them. Now there is a brand new Dr. Seuss book being released years after Theodore Geisel’s (the docs real name) death.

It is believed that What Pet Should I Get? was written and illustrated sometime between 1958 and 1962. A box containing the manuscript and illustrations was discovered by his widow Audrey soon after his death in 1991. She forgot about the box and rediscovered it in 2013. From there, it went to the publisher so that we can all enjoy another Dr. Seuss book.

More unpublished works were also found and that will lead to two more posthumous books at sometime in the future. If you are a Seuss fan, you’ll want to get this. Since many of you are artists, you may want to get it for the great illustrations. Of course you might also want a copy for your kids or grandkids.

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