foster-sandy-friends-setIt was a Sunday afternoon in late August and I was going to see a favorite band of mine, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, play a show in Prescott, AZ. I heard that the television studio at AZTV was undergoing a makeover and I snuck in to get a look at their new set.

A couple of months later, I heard that Sandy and Friends (filmed on that same set) was having a pet costume contest. Our office mascot, Chloe, seems to like to pose for pictures in funny outfits. It was the Roger Clyne song Mañana that inspired Chloe’s Halloween pirate costume. From the song’s opening:

We’re pirates, banditos and beach bums
Cervezas, tequilas, and sweet rums
Raise the colors, damn the doldrums!
Anchors away!

So I dressed her as a pirate, included some sweet rum and booty as props and fired off Chloe’s entry into the costume contest. Then it was time to wait until the Halloween segment to appear on the show. I’ve embedded a Facebook video of the entire segment below so you can check out Chloe and the other pets as they vie for the crown.

Chloe the Pirate on Sandy and Friends

Our office mascot Chloe was featured on the Sandy and Friends television show today as part of their #Halloween pet costume contest. Enjoy the clip and kudos to Chloe the Pirate for her first television appearance! #dog #pirate

Posted by Graphics Unleashed on Monday, October 31, 2016

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