A couple of weeks ago, I taught a class where I built a live WordPress Web site as part of the 2017 International Awards & Personalization Expo. For those who want to see the site we built, click here. Note that this site will be deleted after a few months. So if you are reading this blog post at some point in the future, that link may not work.

Note that we built as much as possible in a three hour timeframe. At the same time, I was explaining the various elements. So keep in mind that the sample site is not a “finished” site, it simply shows examples of a number of concepts.

To go along with the class, I also wrote two magazine articles. The first one, Getting Started With WordPress, was posted last month. The second installment is titled Building a WordPress Site. Together, these articles give you the basics for getting started. It would take hundreds of additional articles to show all aspects of building a site.

You can either download the article as a PDF or read the article as part of the entire magazine on the APA Web site. I saw some of you in my class. If you missed it, you can always recommend the APA offer it at next year’s Expo. In the meantime, I’d be happy to help with your Web design project. Simply request my help and I’ll be in touch!

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