I hope you’ve all gotten a chance to read my post entitled The Open Door Leads Online and South. Part of that message is that I’ll be spending a lot more time in Loreto, Mexico. It is a somewhat remote area so I started looking at the possibility of a personal weather station so I’d know more about what I’d find outside my doors and windows.

I’ll include some links to a personal weather station on Amazon. I didn’t get a free one, though I do get a tiny commission if you use my link to buy something. After researching various options, my favorite was Ambient Weather WS-2902 10-in-1 Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station with Internet Monitoring, Compatible with Alexa. It measures all the important stuff from where it is mounted on the roof and connects to a data panel that you keep inside your house. As a huge Alexa fan, I love that it also integrates with Alexa.

You can even share your data to the Ambient Weather Network and Wunderground. This got me looking at Wunderground to see if any others in the Loreto area had a station posting their data. There was one located about ten miles from me. Then I realized that the Loreto International Airport is only five miles away and it has far more sophisticated weather monitoring equipment. Of course that information can easily be found on Wunderground at Loreto International, Mexico. I even installed the Wunderground app on my smartphone and I now have the Loreto forecast on my phone’s home screen (see sample screenshot at right).

The more I investigated, I decided that having a personal weather station wasn’t something I needed. Most days are beautiful with rain only once or twice a year. I can easily get all the data I need from the Loreto airport. But if you would like to measure the weather yourself, I have no doubt the Ambient Weather Station is a great choice.

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