I don’t know how electric bills work where you live, but I’ll describe how they work in my area of Arizona. Our rates are lower during “off-peak” hours and higher during “peak” hours. For more than 20 years, my rates dropped at 9pm and came back up at 9am. The low rates were in place all weekend and on holidays. I got used to it and if there were things I could do on the low rates such as running the dishwasher or doing laundry, I tried to do that. I got a note last December saying my plan was being eliminated and I would need to choose a new plan. Now the “peak” time is only 3pm-8pm on weekdays. Wow, that’s awesome!

Enough about the details, now let’s talk about the technology. A few days ago I got a package from the electric company with the thermostat I’m about to describe. Supposedly I had entered a sweepstakes when I changed my plan and now I’m a winner. So yes, I got the product for free out of luck. Yes, I’ll get a small commission if you buy one using the links I’ve provided.

The unit they provided in the Lux Products GEO Wi-Fi Thermostat. What really appeals to me is that it will work with Amazon’s Alexa. I love my Alexa! There is also a mobile app that allows you to control the thermostat by settings timers or even while you’re away. For example, I could be away from the house and tell the thermostat to adjust the temperature before I return home.

There are other Wi-Fi thermostats on the market and I haven’t really done a lot of research. The one that immediately comes to mind is the Nest from Google. If I was shopping for one, I’d give it a look. In this case, it just showed up. Unfortunately it isn’t something I can use. My home has two separate thermostats. So if I use this one, I’d need to buy a second one to really do it right. But as I’m about to list my home for sale, the best answer for me is simply not to install it. The home I have in Mexico does not use thermostats so it won’t do me any good there either. A good friend is building a new home nearby and I’ve offered my sweepstakes prize to her as I know she’ll enjoy it.

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