Miss the Newsletter? It Will Return With a Makeover

March 19, 2018

How each of you consume our content is different. Some of you may expect it at a certain time in your inbox and others are probably a little surprised each time it arrives. As I’m the one creating many of the posts, I’m well aware when they are supposed to arrive in inboxes and I was shocked each of the last two weeks when it came time for our weekly newsletter.

The March 7 newsletter was sent, but two posts were missing. Then the March 14 newsletter didn’t arrive at all. We discovered the problem was with a tool called ChimpFeeder. It was created by our newsletter provider MailChimp to combine multiple feeds into a single feed. For an as yet unexplained reason, it still has no posts after March 2nd. Even MailChimp support doesn’t understand it, though they admit it is broken.

After a lengthy discussion with the support team, it was suggested I integrate the feeds into our weekly newsletter using a different method. This week, we’ll roll out the new version of the newsletter that uses the new method. As there were failures in the last two, we’ve decided to include more in this first one that we will include going forward so that you don’t miss anything. We’ll cut back the number of included posts in the following weeks.

We also took the opportunity to give the newsletter a bit of a makeover. It isn’t anything drastic, but we hope the new look makes it a bit easier for you to find the posts of interest. The new design should also adapt better to phones, tablets and the desktop. A preview is shown at the top of this post and you’ll see the new look for yourself on Wednesday.

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