Facebook has been all over the news in the past week for the huge theft of data by Cambridge Analytica. I’ve grouped an entire set of headlines all about Facebook and this hack so you can get up-to-date on it. Personally, I will not stop or even slow my Facebook usage for personal or business reasons. The biggest thing you can do to protect yourself is to not take silly quizzes and do not share questionable content where you don’t directly know the author. If my Facebook friends do “stupid stuff,” there is a good chance I’ll unfriend them to protect myself.

Bugs and pickle juice on the menu. New and less expensive tech toys. Roads, teeth, hackers, cloning, logos, fake art and much more are covered in this week’s headlines. Click the headlines to read the full story.

If you see some important tech news that you feel we should share with our readers, please let us know and we’ll consider including it in our next post.

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