Loyal readers have likely noticed the dearth of posts in the last two months. It was difficult to find free time to create content with multiple moves taking place. Back in March I posted The Open Door Leads Online and South following up on a previous post and telling you about future plans. Now it is time to fill in the last couple of months.

Some of the information in my March post was vague as I simply didn’t know all the details of the plan or because there were some legal reasons for not posting the details. Now the plan is far more clear and I can fill in what has kept me so busy over the last two months.

My plan all along was to move permanently to Casa Coburn in Loreto Bay, Mexico. Living and working in a new country requires following an immigration process. For me the process started in April of this year as I visited the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix, Arizona. I provided them with a pile of paperwork and they gave me a tentative Permanent Resident visa sticker in my US passport. This allowed me to bring my personal belongings to Mexico without having to pay duty (or at least that is what is supposed to happen).

Once I was in Mexico, I went to the local immigration office to complete the process. A few weeks later, I had my “Residente Permanente” card which allows me to live and work in Mexico. I am still a US citizen, just living and working in Mexico. You’ll see me showing off my green card (above) as I was waiting for some tasty tacos.

In order to get my stuff to Mexico, I had to clean out 22 years of my personal and work life in Cave Creek, Arizona. This was a massive undertaking so that the business was disrupted as little as possible. One part of our office was successfully moved to New River, AZ (just a few miles from the old office) and other part was moved to Loreto for a second office. Yes, the company will be working out of two offices.

My personal belongings were also moved to multiple locations. Some was moved to Mexico, some to a temporary home in Arizona and quite a bit was delivered to various charities. Cleaning out the house was a lot of work, but it had to be done so it could be sold. The sale of the Cave Creek house was completed on July 10.

As my house in Loreto had previously been rented for the this fall, I can’t complete the move there until December. This means I will be working out of a temporary office until the move is complete. There may be a couple of other periods where blog posts are slow as I do the rest of the move. I’m just glad the bulk of the hard work is done and the rest of the move should be much easier.

While the blog posts were few and far between, the rest of the business was running as normal. It may take a few days to get the blog back to previous activity levels, but we’re getting there. As my amigos in Mexico say, “mañana”. This is also somewhat of an inside joke. The word means tomorrow, but it often is the day that never comes. Heck, there is even a song all about it. Hasta mañana amigos!

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