The Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce recently held a beach party for local businesses. Unleashed was happy to be one of the featured businesses at the event. We may have gone a bit overboard with flamingos, but we wanted to go along with the beach theme as best possible.

As our main focus is Web Design, we felt we should show off a few of the sites we’ve built. A slideshow of only Web sites could get a little boring, so we interspersed photos from the beach life outside our office in Loreto, Mexico. Below is the embedded slideshow so you can check out the sites as well as the photos.

You’ll also note the No Border Design logo in addition to the Web Design Solutions Unleashed logo at the beginning of the slide. I have already been working closely with two others on Web design projects and we decided to officially join forces as partners in the new venture. Unleashed is still alive and well and doing a wide range of things. There is just another affiliated company building awesome Web sites now.

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