I’ve been very happy with a Brother inkjet printer I got a couple of years ago. It has served my needs very well. But it isn’t a laser printer so when I saw the headline Start your printer shopping with this cheap, reliable laser printer, I wanted to know more. Note that I will include a link to buy the printer in this post. If you use my link and buy from Amazon, I’ll get a few pennies. I didn’t get a free printer for writing this.

Now let’s go back nearly three decades when I got my first laser printer. It cost thousands of dollars. I bet more than a few of you can tell a similar story. This monochrome laser from Brother lists for $169.99, clearly well below what I paid long ago. While it is inexpensive, it’s also a solid printer. Connect with a wire or via WiFi. Use the included scanner (heck, I’ve paid much more for just a scanner). It holds 250 sheets and paper and can print on both sides.

So if you are in need a bargain laser printer, you’ll definitely want to give the Brother HLL2395DW a long look.

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