I grew up in Kansas City and learned early on about the close connection with jazz. During my college days, I even took a class on jazz history to learn more about it. Loyal readers may even remember my trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and American Jazz Museum. To truly understand Kansas City Jazz, you must experience it!

A long-time friend is now offering tours so that everyone can experience the magic of Kansas City jazz. Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to have Liz introduce me to some great jazz in some of her favorite spots. To fully appreciate it, I’ll let her tell you all about it in the video below.

About a month ago she reached out with her idea of offering the tours as a business and the music community has helped her bring the magic to life. My contribution was working with her to build the Guide For Jazz Magic Web site. If you are in Kansas City or you will be visiting, please consider taking a tour and experiencing the jazz magic!

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