Before I move to the Baja, I wanted to take a road trip to get to a variety of famous spots and to get to the last two states I had yet to visit. My first stop was fairly close to home and I’d been there once before. Now there is a statue of Glenn Frey along with some artwork to properly show off the famous corner. I was just taking it easy!

For those reading via email, you’ll have to click the links to see the photos.

There are so many amazing spots within Arizona, but one I’d never visited was Monument Valley. For Forrest Gump fans, it is where he stopped running. Here is one of the best monuments I saw.

The location where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah meet is very remote. There really isn’t anything at all close. So I made it a point to stop and rest in all four states at the same time.

Some of the best photos are not the well-known spots. A big black hawk sat on this remote stop sign to make sure that every vehicle came to a full stop.

Arches National Park has quite a few different arches throughout the park. Some are easy to see and others require a bit of a hike. One of the more famous arches is Delicate Arch and it does require a long hike even to get a good photo.

I turned the corner on a highway and saw hundreds of sheep on both sides of the road and a few wanting to walk on the road.

When I hear Snake River, I always think back to Evel Knievel and his failed attempt to rocket over it. Driving alongside the river was absolutely spectacular.

Those are the highlights from the first three days of the road trip. More photos will be coming as the trip continues.

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