You Shipped It Where? What Were You Thinking?

September 3, 2018

Loyal readers know that I recently moved. Part of that move was selling the home where I had resided the previous 22 years. While I’ve provided a new address to more than 100 places, I’m sure there are some I’ve missed. Today I have a story about a package shipped to the old address that made me laugh.

I got a call from Federal Express asking me to give them a call about a package. I’ve had such calls before and it was simple enough to give them a new address to have the package re-routed. What was odd about this call is that I wasn’t aware of any package that was on the way.

In talking to the representative, they told me the package had been refused. Again, no surprise if it went to the wrong address. They also said the package had strict instructions to only deliver to my old address so I was not allowed to change it. A suggestion was made to contact the shipper to get them a different address. That presented a huge problem for me as I had no idea who was shipping me a package.

When they told me the name of the shipper, I just started laughing. It was the bank who held my now paid-off mortgage. If any company should be aware that I had moved, it would be them. During the time I did business with them, I always found it incredibly difficult to reach the right person to discuss the issue of the day. Trying to reach out now to give them a new address just seemed like a way for me to waste a lot of my time. Maybe when they get the package back they’ll actually pick up the phone and talk with me about where it should be shipped.

At least I got a good laugh out of their failure to think logically. Since that call I’ve found a few more places where I needed to change my address. I’m sure glad I don’t move often.

Photo by unsplash-logoKristian Ryan Alimon

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