Amazon Fire HD 8 TabletI’d have to really dig to find out when I bought my first tablet. It was at least five years ago. I waited until I saw a sale I couldn’t refuse and got an eight inch Amazon Fire tablet for “only” $109. Back then, that was a huge bargain. Today I’ll talk about a newer and more powerful version at almost half that price. Yes, there will be links from which I earn a tiny commission. No, I didn’t get a free tablet.

Even today, my old eight inch tablet gets used even though I also have a newer ten inch tablet. It isn’t always my go-to device, but it works great for reading Kindle books. That was the reason I got it and the other features were simply icing on the cake. Now it is easier to identify more reasons to have the latest iteration of Amazon’s 8″ tablet. Browse the Web, interact with your social media accounts, watch video or read books.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet with AlexaOne of the hottest features on devices today is making video calls. Facebook promotes it with their Portal devices. Google promotes it on their devices. Amazon has their own dedicated Alexa device for it. Yet it is a built in feature of the Fire HD 8 tablet. Video calls can be made via the Alexa service. You could also make them with Facebook Messenger and other video calling services.

When you look at all the things you can do and combine it with the bargain price, this is a must-have even for those who already have another tablet or even a large smartphone. While I’ve not ordered one yet for myself, I’m seriously considering it purely for the video calling abilities. It costs a lot less than the dedicated video calling devices and you can easily carry it around while on a call.

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