I got my first wireless phone charger nearly four years ago. It still serves me well, though it isn’t my primary wireless charger. Since that time, more phones support wireless charging and the technology has improved. If I needed to get a new charger, I know exactly which one I’d get and I’ll tell you about it today. Yes, I get a small commission from Amazon if you buy using my links. No, I didn’t get anything for free.

Anker Qi Wireless ChargerSo let’s look at reasons why I think the Anker Wireless Qi Charger would be my choice. There are a lot of no-name brands out there. Many of them would likely work well. In fact I use one now for wireless charging on my desk. Anker is a brand I know from a variety of other products and that certainly is a small influence.

The Qi standard is important as that is what my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, requires. Of course it is also the standard used by most phones supporting wireless charging including iPhones. The amount of power output can also determine the time it takes for a full charge. My original wireless charger was lower output and thus slower. The Anker charger is as fast as anything available.

My favorite feature is that you can charge your phone horizontally or vertically. One of my wireless chargers was Samsung’s own and it is very sensitive to phone placement. More times than I can count I picked up my phone noticing it hadn’t charged. This was because I hadn’t positioned it perfectly. With this charger, that is highly unlikely as the cradle holds in perfectly in either orientation.

While I won’t be ordering this one right away, it tops my list should I need another wireless charger.

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