I feel very lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many worldwide destinations in my life. When I was young, it wasn’t that big of a deal to plug in devices when I traveled. Now it is a really big deal and there are so many different standards. Today I’ll look for an adapter to handle as many locations as possible. Yes, I’ll provide a link to Amazon that pays me a tiny commission if you buy one. No, they didn’t give me a free one.

Here in North America, our devices receive 120 volts of power at the outlet. Other parts of the world use 240 volts. Most computers have adapters that can handle either voltage. Smaller electronics may simply get ruined if you use the wrong one. Of course the shape of the plugs themselves is also different depending on your location. Ideally you need a device that handles all shapes of plugs while also adjusting the voltage safely.

The Foval International Travel Adapter has multiple functions. First, it will step down 240v power to 120v. It also includes four plug adapters so that it will work in almost all countries. On the top are two outlets for US styled plugs. On the side are four USB ports. Internally is a small fan so it doesn’t overhead. All of this in a compact package that is easy to pack for travel.

In total it supports 200 watts of power. That makes it good for electronics, but not for hair dryers, curling irons or anything else that gets really hot. Luckily I don’t travel with any of the bad stuff and I do travel with lots of electronic stuff. Should international travel be on your agenda, you should definitely consider getting one of these adapters!

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