Ten Port USB 3.0 Hub For Connections and Charging

February 6, 2019

I’ve never felt there were enough USB ports on my computer and I certainly don’t enjoy crawling under my desk to use them. This means a hub is a necessity for me. I’ll share one of my favorites. No, I didn’t get a free one. If you purchase using the provided links, I do earn a tiny commission. Remember you can see more recommendations in the Graphics Unleashed Influencer Storefront.

For the fastest connections, you want to use USB 3.0. My computer has several USB 3.0 ports and also a few USB 2.0 ports. A couple of years ago I got a hub similar to the one I’m now recommending with seven total ports. Hey, if you’re gonna get one, you might as well get more ports!

I really like the Anker products I currently use so that led me to the Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub. Let’s talk about exactly what it does. You need to plug the hub into one of the USB 3.0 ports on your computer. As USB provides limited power, you also need to plug the hub into an electrical outlet so all ports can deliver enough power. Everything you need to do that (other than the computer and wall outlet) is included in the package. The USB 3.0 cable is only 2.6 feet long so you may want to consider a longer one.

Seven of the ports move data across the cable so you can plug in hard drives, data keys, printers, scanners or whatever other devices you have. It is compatible with older USB devices so you can plug them in as well. The one thing you shouldn’t put in the hub are the small USB transmitters for wireless mice and keyboards. They tend to interfere and cause problems.

Three more ports are strictly for plugging in devices for charging. The included PowerIQ technology delivers up to 2.1 amps for each charging port. Thus it is perfect for smartphones, tablets and other devices that you need to juice up.

Yes, it probably is more ports than you’ll ever need. Having a couple of extras doesn’t hurt and it is certainly better than not having enough!

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