OneOdio Headphones Provide Big Sound at Bargain Price

April 3, 2019

OneOdio Over-Ear Headphones SharedI always keep headphones in my travel backpack. Sure, they get used when I’m not traveling. I just make sure to keep them in my backpack so I have them on the road with me. When I went on my last trip, I reached into my bag to get the headphones and they had fallen apart. It was a major disappointment as I really liked them. Of course I immediately did some shopping for replacement headphones. Today I’ll tell you about the new headphones and I do earn a small commission if you buy them using the links provided. I bought them, nothing was provided for free.

Let me be very clear on what I wanted as it did limit my search. I do have some in-ear headphones that I like, but in this case I wanted over-ear headphones as they block out far more external noise. It was also important to me to have wired headphones rather than Bluetooth. I’ve already got Bluetooth headphones for occasions when I don’t want wires. Good sound was important, but I also didn’t want to spend big bucks on premium headphones.

OneOdio Over-Ear Headphones with Two SourcesMy choice was the OneOdio Over-Ear Headphones. This set met the basic criteria I wanted and had a couple of unique features I really liked. At the bottom of each earcup is a jack to attach to an audio source. One side has a 6.33mm jack and the other a 3.5mm jack. This makes it easy to use a wider variety of cables (two of them are provided).

There are two other benefits to the dual jacks. The headphones can be daisy-chained. This means a friend can plug-in to an unused jack to listen on their own headphones. If you are traveling with someone, this makes it easy for both of you to listen to the same audio source. The dual jacks also allow you to connect to two different audio sources making it handy for DJs for others mixing audio.

One issue with over-ear headphones is that they can be uncomfortable if worn for a long time. This pair feels very comfortable and will lend itself to long listening sessions. It was folds nicely so I can put it into my travel bag. Definitely a purchase that makes me really happy!

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