TP-Link WiFi Range ExtenderI know I’m not the only one who lives in a house that acts like a Faraday cage when it comes to WiFi signals. Thanks to heavy concrete filled with rebar, my signals are very limited. That’s where a WiFi range extender saves the day. Today I’ll tell you about a really good one that boosts your signal for a bargain price. Yes, I will earn a tiny commission if you buy with my links. No, I haven’t gotten a free one.

I currently have two WiFi range extenders from TP-Link. I’ve had them for a few years so they are older technology than the ones I’ll share today. Even better for you, the price of the latest version is about half of what it used to be. Give a look to the TP-Link | AC750 WiFi Range Extender – Dual Band Cloud App Control | 2019 Release | Up to 750Mbps if you want to provide WiFi coverage to extended areas of your home or yard. Yes, it needs to be indoors though the signal can certainly extend to outdoor areas.

First, you need to have an existing WiFi router as it provides the primary WiFi signal. You then place the extender near the edge of the signal’s range. Using lights on the extender, it is easy to find a location with a sufficiently strong signal. You can either configure via WPS or using an app on your phone to manage the settings. Once it is setup, you can more or less leave it to do its job. As you move throughout the house, your devices can seamlessly switch from one signal to another. If you need to cover an even larger area, get more than one extender. I have a couple of them though I currently am only using one of them.

Foster D. Coburn III
Foster D. Coburn III

Foster D. Coburn III is author of 13 best-selling books on CorelDRAW and has been a contributor to numerous technology and graphics-related magazines. Foster has taken many projects, including this Web site, from the early design stage through to a finished piece. He has been a featured speaker at many graphics conferences. His first Web site was built in 1995 and he has been working exclusively in WordPress since 2013.

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