I’ve been charging my phones wirelessly for more than four years now. Yes, I still use wired charging at times when wireless isn’t convenient. Over the years I’ve collected three different Qi chargers and have learned that some are better than others. Today I’ll look at a new Qi-charging solution and why it is a tempting option to add to my toolkit. Links to purchase via Amazon will be provided and I do earn a small commission from them. No free product was provided.

Anker USB-C Wireless ChargerLet’s first go over the three chargers I have now. One is a basic pad and it does great, but does not support fast charging. The second is an official Samsung product and it looks really nice and supports fast charge. If the phone is seated perfectly, it works great. But it can be hard to get it in the right place. Lastly is a stand that works really well and supports fast charge.

Anker provides a pad that sits flat on your desk or nightstand. So the form factor of the Anker PowerWave 15 is very similar to my original pad, though it is far more attractive and powerful. You actually get a kit that includes a wall adapter supporting fast charge and a USB-C cable.

For those with Qi-enabled iPhones, it delivers up to 7.5W. Compatible Samsung phones support up to 10W in fast charge mode. A few other phones are listed as being supported, most notably the Google Pixel 3. In theory, any device supporting wireless Qi charging should work with the Anker PowerWave 15.

Earlier I mentioned the trouble with getting my phone positioned in the Samsung charging pad. There is a rubber lip on the Anker PowerWave 15 so that the phone won’t slip out of position. Even better, the signal can penetrate up to a 5mm case. The exception are metal cases which prevent the phone from being charged at all.

If you are looking to get a really good Qi charger for your phone, you should definitely consider the Anker PowerWave 15.


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