Loyal readers know how much I love and use my Alexa-powered devices. For those who need a refresher, read Automating a House with Alexa Devices from less than two years ago as it describes just some of what I’ve done. Today we’ll look at a way to get an Echo device that sounds even better. Yes, I do get a small commission if you buy something from the links I provide. Sadly Jeff Bezos and Amazon haven’t provided me with any free units.

The standard Amazon Echo produces good sound and it is what I currently am using in two of my rooms. Typically it is priced just under $100. There are other devices such as the Echo Dot and Amazon Fire TV Cube that provide a way to connect to a sound system and I take advantage of that to run them through a surround sound system. If you are looking for a way to get the best audio without other devices then the Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker With Alexa may be exactly what you need.

One of its most heralded features is the ability to play “3D Music”. The only native music to stream in 3D comes if you subscribe to Amazon Music HD. If you stream other music, it can be “converted” to 3D though the results aren’t nearly as good as music professional mixed for 3D. The graphic below shows a list of the streaming services you can use with the Echo Studio.

Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker With Alexa

Within the 8.1 inch tall by 6.9 inch across device you’ll find a total of five speakers. There is a 5.25-inch woofer that fires downward. Facing forward is a one-inch tweeter with three two-inch midrange speakers pointing left, right and upwards. While this provides more bass than the Echo, it doesn’t include a true subwoofer. For those who want more bass, you can add the Echo Sub.

So far I’ve focused on the music capabilities of the Echo Studio. Keep in mind that it can also do all the fun Alexa-powered things as the other Echo devices. Ask it questions. Control your smart home. Order a pizza. Those are just a small sampling of what it can do. The big difference is the higher-quality sounds it produces. If that’s important to you, go for the Echo Studio!

Foster D. Coburn III
Foster D. Coburn III

Foster D. Coburn III is author of 13 best-selling books on CorelDRAW and has been a contributor to numerous technology and graphics-related magazines. Foster has taken many projects, including this Web site, from the early design stage through to a finished piece. He has been a featured speaker at many graphics conferences. His first Web site was built in 1995 and he has been working exclusively in WordPress since 2013.

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