Plugable USB-C Adapters and Anker 7 in 1 Hub Expand Connections

Plugable USB-C Adapters
June 17, 2020

As laptops continue to get smaller, the connectors provided become even more limited. Today I’ll provide a quick list of adapters that can expand your connections. Yes, there will be Amazon links that can earn me a very small commission. No, I didn’t get any free adapters.

On newer laptops, the primary port available is a USB-C port so we’ll focus on adapters that work with that USB-C port. It supports high enough bandwidth to send enough data for networking or displays. Below are adapters that work with three types of displays as well as an Ethernet adapter.

For those who want to turn a single USB-C port into several different ports, consider the Anker USB-C Hub. It provides 4K HDMI, power delivery, USB-C data port, microSD and SD card readers, plus 2 USB 3.0 ports.

Some of you will only need one specific type of connection, while others will prefer to get a hub providing a number of different connections. One of these products might be what you need to connect your laptop to data, networking or a display. Even if you think you might not need it, it never hurts to have a little extra in your laptop bag should a situation arise when you’ll truly need it.

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