AmazonBasics USB-A 3.1 10-Port Hub with Power Adapter

AmazonBasics USB-A 3.1 10-Port Hub with Power Adapter
September 23, 2020

There are never even power outlets when you need one and there are never enough USB ports either. Today we’ll talk about an adapter that can be a big help in solving the problem. I will provide you with an Amazon link to purchase and I do get a tiny commission from it. Nothing was provided to me to write about it.

The AmazonBasics USB-A 3.1 10-Port Hub with Power Adapter has a pretty basic function and that’s to turn one USB port on your computer into 10 ports. It can even put them in a more convenient location than the back of your computer. Below is a picture showing all of the available ports.

AmazonBasics USB-A 3.1 10-Port Hub with Power Adapter

There is a power adapter that plugs into the wall and gives the ports the power needed. You also get an approximately 3 foot long USB cable to connect a USB 3.1 port on your computer to the hub. Yes, I think that is a tad short and you may want to order a longer cable if your desired location is farther away.

If you look closely at the diagram, ports 1-3 have a small battery icon next to them. They all feature fast charging for phones and tables. In other words, they output up to 2.4A of power. The rest output up to 900mA per port. All of the ports are USB 3.1 ports with data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps. Next to each port is an LED light that indicates if it is being used. Note that all of the ports are compatible with USB 3.1, 3.0 and 2.0. Also they work with both Mac and Windows.

There is nothing really fancy about this product, but it can be extremely useful for providing more ports right on your desktop.

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