Protect Your Data With WD My Cloud Home Duo

WD My Cloud Home Duo Personal Cloud Storage
November 18, 2020

More and more people have been working at home in 2020. Even those who went to an office were likely around far fewer people. Is the data created being protected in any way? I fear the data is in danger of some sort of hard drive crash. Today I’ll provide a suggested solution that stores and provides another layer of protection for your data. Yes, there will be Amazon links that earn me a small commission. No, I didn’t receive anything for writing this post.

There are two major flavors of the product I’m about to describe. It is extremely important you get the “Duo” flavor of the product as it includes two separate hard drives in the enclosure. Each of those drives is set to mirror the other. Basically it means that it saves two exact copies of your data. Should either of the drives fail, you have an immediate backup! Just replace the failed drive and you’re back in business.

The WD My Cloud Home Duo Personal Cloud Storage isn’t just a way to create an immediate backup of your data, it also provides a way to access your data in the cloud from anywhere you have a connection. Go on a business trip and forget an important file? No problem, download it from your own personal cloud drive. Visiting family and want to show them some photos you left at home? Again, download them from your own cloud drive!

WD 8TB My Cloud Home Duo Personal Cloud StorageBelow are the different sizes of the WD My Cloud Home Duo Personal Cloud Storage available. As you look at the sizes, keep in mind that this only half of the size is available if you keep the drives in mirror mode.

All of this storage in a relatively small package. If you truly want to take all of your data with you, just pack up the drive (securely) and bring it along. Protect your data with your own cloud storage. Definitely a valuable addition to your home or small office.

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