BESTEK USB Power Tower With 8 Outlets and 6 USB Ports

BESTEK USB Power Strip 8-Outlet Surge Protector 1500 Joules
February 3, 2021

In my life, I’ve purchased a very large number of products to give me more power outlets and lately with more USB ports. While I may find the right product at the time of purchase, there is always something I feel it could do better. Today I’ll explore the latest power strip that seems to have the perfect set of features for me. Yes, I’ll include a link so you can buy on Amazon and that means I could receive a few pennies in commission. No, I didn’t receive any compensation for this post.

Let’s first talk about one of the challenges with many power strips. They have a specific number of AC outlets, but you can’t use all of them because the stuff plugged in covers up some of the outlets. For example, maybe the power strip has 10 outlets and you can only truly use 6 of them. All those darned electronics with their giant plugs!

BESTEK USB Power Strip 8-Outlet Surge Protector 1500 Joules

When searching for a better solution, I found the BESTEK Power Tower shown above. They don’t use the word tower, but I think it is the perfect description and it sounds cool. Each of the eight outlets is spaced so that it can handle those big plugs without having outlets blocked. Two of the edges contain 3 USB ports for charging more of your gadgets.

There is another feature listed that has seemingly been overlooked by other products. All of these doodads have little LED indicator lights. If you have the devices in your bedroom, those lights can be horribly annoying. BESTEK claims that their LED lights are photosensitive and will dim by 50% at night. This is a great start, but I’d probably want them to dim by 80% or more as I’m not sure 50% is enough. Still, I appreciate the effort and that moves this power strip above others in my book.

I’m not sure there is such a thing as an attractive power strip with a bunch of wires coming from it. But BESTEK does deliver something that looks relatively nice on top of a desk or a table. This could be less attractive when all the wires are connected, but it is at least a good start. When I next go shopping for power strips, I’ll likely get at least two of these and retire some of my less useful power strips.

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