Changes Coming at Graphics Unleashed and Beyond

Changes Coming at Graphics Unleashed and Beyond
April 14, 2022

Easter weekend is upon us and that seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to make and/or announce some changes here at Unleashed. I’ll outline them below. Loyal readers should not be surprised by any of these, though I understand some could be disappointed.

CorelDRAW Unleashed Shutting Down

It was more than nine years ago that I wrote One Door Is Closing, Another to Be Opened and I’ve been walking away from the world of CorelDRAW ever since then. I won’t say there will never be new content on CorelDRAW, but let’s say it is highly doubtful and would be something far less than a book. As we’ve added nothing new on our CorelDRAW Unleashed site for several years, there just is no good reason to continue the expense of keeping the site alive.

If you purchased a product from CorelDRAW Unleashed, you should have already downloaded that product long ago and stored it in a safe place. Until the site is shut down, you can still re-download those products. Once the site is shut down, you will not be able to download again. That shutdown will take place on October 1, 2022. Note that we’ve been re-directing purchases for quite some time so there just haven’t been any purchases made recently.

Those wanting to purchase CorelDRAW-related products I’ve been involved with can still purchase them at Foster’s Favorites and that site is scheduled to continue well into the future.

Foster's CorelDRAW Products

My Feature on Canvas Rebel

A month ago the folks at Canvas Rebel did a feature on me entitled Meet Foster D. Coburn III | WordPress Web Design. I encourage all of you to read it as it will provide further insight on our business direction and why we are making some of these changes.

Foster on Tee Box

Digital Design Digest Evolving and Moving

In the summer of 2016 I started the Tech News Digest. There are now nearly 300 posts in that weekly series. Just over two years ago the Digital Design Digest was spun off and now has more than 100 posts.

It is now time for the next evolution which involves both a name change and a new home. Starting on April 19, 2022 it will be renamed to Web Design Solutions Digest and will be published as part of the Web Design Solutions Unleashed Blog. While some of you may be subscribed to both the Graphics Unleashed Blog and the Web Design Solutions Unleashed Blog, the majority of you are not. This would be a great time to visit the Web Design Solutions Unleashed Blog and subscribe. Hey, it’s free!

Those who receive the Weekly Graphics Unleashed Newsletter will also see links to the new Web Design Solutions Digest. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter and much more on our Graphics Unleashed Subscribe page.

The content of the Web Design Solutions Digest will not be much different from the Digital Design Digest. Given that the majority of the information included relates to Web design, we felt the new name and new location made the most sense.

We will still be publishing posts on hardware each Wednesday and the Tech News Digest each Friday on Graphics Unleashed. In addition, there will be other posts from time-to-time.

More Than 950 WordPress Web Design Tutorials

I wrote a post entitled Check Out More Than 400 WordPress Web Design Tutorials. At the end, I shared my plan to have more than 1000 posted before the end of 2021. That plan was a bit too ambitious as we now have approximately 950 and should finally reach 1000 by the end of April 2022. That’s still quite a few and I encourage you to visit the WordPress Web Design Tutorials page. It lists the 13 major categories of tutorials and those pages have links to each of the tutorials within the category.

WordPress Web Design Services Updated

Soon after we announced that our focus was moving away from CorelDRAW, the focus started moving towards WordPress Web Design. In that time, we’ve built well over 100 sites for ourselves and our clients. This has allowed us to refine our process and expand our toolbox. The beneficiaries are our clients as we are able to build better sites in less time. I encourage you to read about our services at WordPress Web Site Design.

As part of our process evolving, we’ve adopted the Divi Theme and the built-in Divi Builder on all of our projects. Rather than knowing a little about a large number of themes, this allows us to be experts at Divi and all that it provides. We’ve also expanded on the capabilities of Divi by licensing a large number of add-ons. Our favorites are listed at Divi Tools so you can learn more about them. This list is also evolving as we regularly invest in new tools to keep growing our toolbox.

WordPress Care Plans Updating Soon

A WordPress site needs attention to keep the content, themes, plugins, security and much more up-to-date. Sadly many users don’t keep their sites updated and this can lead to outdated information as a rich target for hackers. We certainly don’t want to see this happen to sites and therefore we offer WordPress Care Plans. The plans we offer have been in place for more than six years and it is time to refresh them.

As of this post, the new plans are not available yet. We’ve looked at the services that deliver the most value to our clients and the best way for us to package them into a great investment for current and future clients. Yes, you’ll see some prices increase in our new plans simply because they include much more in even the base plan. Of course what we’re including may reduce costs in other areas. Once the new plans go live, we’ll put out a new post at Web Design Solutions Unleashed to tell you all about them.

Choose Beach in Mexico

Photo by Brad Starkey on Unsplash

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