Monitor Your Door With Kasa Smart Video Doorbell

Kasa Smart Video Doorbell
May 11, 2022

I’ve had a video doorbell for nearly four years and it has been incredibly helpful to me. That said, I don’t use the video all that often. More important is that it truly notifies me when someone is at my door. Having it connecting to an app on my phone allows those notifications to happen even when I’m far from my door. Today we’re going to look at an inexpensive video doorbell that may just be the right solution for you. I’ll include a link to purchase from Amazon and I do get a few pennies if you order one. Beyond that, I’ve received nothing for writing this post.

I have a Ring Video Doorbell so it is not the one I’m writing about. But I will compare the Kasa Smart Video Doorbell to the Ring so you have a good idea of what it can (or can’t) do. I have a lot of familiarity with other Kasa (TP-Link) products so I know the Kasa Smart Video Doorbell would be easy to set up and use. One huge difference is the Kasa must be hard=wired as it does not provide a battery option. As I don’t have wiring available, it isn’t an option for me.

Kasa Smart Video Doorbell

The more you use video, the more power is used by the doorbell. This isn’t an issue with a wired solution like Kasa as there is no battery to drain. If I were to use my video more, I’d have to swap out the battery pack more often than every few months. One nice thing about the Kasa is that it has a slot for a 128 GB microSD memory card so you don’t have to subscribe to a service to store the video captured. There are times I miss who was at my door and I’m unable to see who it was since I don’t subscribe to a service. Having a card would allow that.

Motion sensing is nice in some scenarios, but it would be a mess for me as there are people walking down a sidewalk in front of my door every few minutes. For that reason, I have motion sensing disabled. The Kasa includes a chime that you can put in your house and that would have cost extra for my Ring. But I wouldn’t need a chime with either as they connect to my various Alexa devices. I get a “Someone is at the front door” message on all of them when the doorbell is pressed.

Given that the Kasa Smart Video Doorbell costs significantly less, it is a great choice for anyone who has doorbell wiring available. If you are in the market, make sure to give it a look!

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