Take Data to Tough Environments With Samsung T7 Shield Portable SSD

SAMSUNG T7 Shield Portable Solid State Drive
June 22, 2022

I don’t know about all of you, but I spend a fair amount of time in tough environments. It can often be hot, water is involved and there is no shortage of sand and dust. None of those conditions are typically kind to computer equipment. Today we’ll look at a portable hard drive designed to withstand harsh environments. Yes, that means I’ll include a link to purchase on Amazon that gives me a tiny commission if you purchase something. You still get the best price available and I got nothing else for writing this.

SAMSUNG T7 Shield Portable Solid State Drive

When you have data on a portable drive, it means that it is going to at least be capable of going somewhere. Are you going to drop the drive? Could it get rained upon? Will it will exposed to dust? Those are all conditions the SAMSUNG T7 Shield Portable Solid State Drive is designed to withstand. It is designed to withstand a drop from as much as 3 meters (9.8 feet) and has an IP65 rating for resistance to water and dust. While that doesn’t cover everything, it certainly covers most conditions and should give you peace of mind your data will be protected.

SAMSUNG T7 Shield Portable Solid State Drive

Not only is it good for a drive to survive a tough environment, you want the data to transfer quickly. You can transfer files at up to 1000 MB/s and that means it is fast enough to edit directly from the drive. The best speeds are achieved via USB 3.2 Gen 2 and PCIe NVMe. Within the box you get cables for USB C to C and USB C to A so the drive can be connected to a wide variety of computers, phones and tablets.

For those who need to take data on the go, the SAMSUNG T7 Shield Portable Solid State Drive is definitely one you should seriously consider. It is available in both 1 TB and 2 TB sizes.

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