Tech News Digest for June 10, 2022

Tech News Digest Graphics Unleashed
June 10, 2022

Right to repair, crypto scams, LastPass, 3D heart, Apple WWDC, unlimited data plans, solid-state EV batteries and Welcome to Cleveland. This was a very busy week of news and there is some other important information below about changes and faulty spam filters. Please give the entire post a read and click on any of the headlines to get the full stories.

We have made a couple of changes to Tech News going forward. The section labeled COVID has been renamed to Health. You’ll still find any relevant COVID news there, but we’ll also include news in other areas of health. We’ve also been including more stories on planes, trains and automobiles (minus Steve Martin and John Candy). Therefore we’ve added a section titled Planes and Autos for these stories.

I got a note from loyal reader Pat a few days ago about a scary message being displayed when attempting to click the links in our blog emails. The first part of it read “Attackers on LONG MAILCHIMP URL linked from this email may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information like passwords or credit cards.” The LONG MAILCHIMP URL included the link from the specific email created by Mailchimp.

If you subscribe to any of our blogs/newsletters, it is Mailchimp that handles sending the emails to you. As they are a very large provider of email services, they have security infrastructure in place to prevent anything “bad” from going through. Our Web sites all have multiple levels of security to prevent anything harmful on the sites.

To be very specific, this message is what is called a false positive. It is claiming the links are dangerous when in fact they are perfectly safe. If you should get such a message, please click the “This isn’t a web forgery” button. I’m sure these messages are very scary to you and they are infuriating to me. Thank you for letting me vent and now on to today’s news.


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Planes and Automobiles

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