Add Sparkle to Your Beverages With SodaStream Terra

SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker
July 13, 2022

When I’m given the choice of sparkling water or flat, I always go for the sparkling. Of course I always like Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper though I’ve cut down my consumption as I’ve gotten older. Having a way to make my own sparkling beverages at home is definitely appealing. When I heard SodaStream was offering nice discounts on their systems for Prime Day, I thought it was time to investigate in depth and potentially purchase my own system. As always, I’ll provide Amazon links to various products and I’ll earn a tiny commission if you use them to purchase. You will always get the best price Amazon offers at the time. Nothing else was provided to me for writing this.

There are various versions of the SodaStream machines and I’ve focused on the SodaStream Terra (shown in photo below) and the option pictured is a bundle so you can get started right away.

SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker

Let’s talk about the basics of how the system works. You fill up one of the special one liter bottles with water. The SodaStream machine has a CO2 cartridge in it. Push a button to carbonate the water in the bottle. Then you can choose to flavor the water if you’d like. The Terra bundle pictured (and linked) includes 2 CO2 cylinders each rated to make 60 liters of fizzy water. Note that you can control the amount of fizz added so it is possible they’ll make less than that rating. There are also 3 one liter bottles provided and 2 40 ml bubly drops of flavor.

Maybe you just want fizzy water. In that case you won’t need flavors. For those who want flavor, there are a wide range of options available. Fruit flavors, flavors that mimic popular soda (cola, root beer, etc) and much more. Below I’ll list supplies that you may want beyond the SodaStream Terra bundle.

One thing you may need is more CO2 cartridges. They are proprietary so you can’t easily buy them other than from SodaStream. There is a recycling program where you can purchase them at a nice discount if you return your used cartridges. The best pricing is on a set of four cartridges and you’ll get a refund if you exchange your used cartridges.

For those who want to make some of the traditional soda flavors, there are a series of four packs you can purchase including Cola, Cherry Cola, Dr. Pete, Root Beer, Lemon Lime and more (you’ll see all options if you look at provided links). For those who prefer diet version, those are also available.

Do you prefer fruit flavors? If so then you’ll want to check out the Cranberry Raspberry, Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit and Strawberry Watermelon. There are many more flavors available so I’ll leave it to you to explore all the different options if you choose to get a SodaStream Terra.

The system provides convenience, likely a lower cost of sparkling beverages, fewer plastic bottles thrown out and an easy way to get the flavor you want at any given time. Check it out and see if you should have one on your counter.

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