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Website Analysis Unleashed
July 26, 2023

Each week I visit hundreds of Web sites. I see some great ones and I see some that need a lot of help. There are also many sites somewhere in the middle that need some tweaks to improve drastically. As I spend my days building sites for clients, I thought it would be helpful if I could offer a service to analyze an existing site and provide specific actions to take for improvement at a reasonable price.

Website Analysis UnleashedLet me describe exactly what we provide and I think you’ll appreciate the detailed analysis returned. There are some parts of a site that can easily be measured and we’ll use multiple tools to do that. Those tests allow us to give you a performance grade, scores on Google’s Core Web Vitals, the time the site takes to load, the size of your home page and a detailed site profile. Admittedly, some of these tests you could run yourself so I wanted to make sure we provided even more value.

As part of your report, I’ll also give you five specific action items customized from looking at your site. These are things that can be done to the site to improve it. Some action items can be quickly implemented and others may require a lot of time on a larger site. Once I’ve sent the report for you to study, I’ll also work to schedule a 30 minute Zoom call where I discuss your site and the action items with you.

I truly value all of the loyal readers and I didn’t just want to send this out as a way to get some sales. Since you’ve helped me build this blog, I want to give you something in return. We sell Website Analysis Unleashed for $49 and the first ten loyal readers to use the coupon code UNLEASHME will get it absolutely free!

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