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Jeff Harrison is a media “Jack-of-all-trades”, familiar with most of the major media applications on the Windows platform. Whether it’s 2D/print, 3D, audio, video, or web-related – he’s working on mastering everything that comes his way. He’s a past Alpha and Beta tester for Corel, and has instructed students from all over the world. He runs the popular MacroMonster.com site, the #1 place for CorelDRAW macros. Also check out his youtube page, and his gallery at coreldraw.com.

Macromonster Bitmap Manipulator Updated

Version 1.3 of Macromonster Bitmap Manipulator can now search inside of Tables. Tables were added in CorelDRAW X4. In any case, notice the options this macro has! Tons of power and flexibility. It was also updated recently for CorelDRAW X6 – 64 bit!

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Several of James Leonard’s products updated

  New Features of Artwork Optimizer Inside Before Outside Benefits Artwork Optimizer can now sequence inside before outside. What this means is that if a shape is inside another shape (is an Island) then the Optimizer can sequence the inside shape before the container. This is essential in CNC cutting …

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Alexander Penkin’s VariablesTool 2 update to version 2.1.5

After some feedback from our customers, we added 2 powerful new features. The symbols option can reduce file size dramatically if you have many repeating elements. The QR function to convert to bitmap generates the code at a very high resolution, and yet preserves stability inside CorelDRAW. QR code generation …

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Mike’s Bitmap Perspective macro released

We recently released Shelby’s bitmap perspective macro, and it’s now been replaced by Mike’s Bitmap Perspective macro. There are some advantages: Photo-Paint isn’t necessary now. So it’s quite fast to get to the result. The macro can convert mixed items (such as a bitmaps and other vector shapes) to a …

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Variable Imaging

Direct mail that introduces visual detail as part of the campaign has been proven to be much more effective than text alone. It’s something like a 12% success rate, vs. 1% for traditional direct mail. Recently, I got a letter from Air Miles, a loyalty card program, and a 3 …

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QR Codes in CorelDRAW – Variablestool 2

If you have CorelDRAW X5 or higher and need to create Custom QR Codes from a database, this is a great solution (the only one I know about at time of this blog post). Variablestool 2 outputs pure vector shapes right inside CorelDRAW, and can even weld the resulting black …

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Shelby’s Bitmap Perspective Released

This macro forces a bitmap into a 4-node shape of your choice. Before now, it has been practically impossible to accomplish this inside either CorelDraw or Photo-PAINT. Both Photo-PAINT and CorelDRAW have had bitmap perspective filters/effects for many years. The problem: they’re impossible to control for precise results. Here’s a …

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Bitmap Resolution / Rendering Resolution Awareness

Here’s a skill-testing question: Q: When you re-sample a bitmap on CorelDRAW’s Page from 150 DPI to 300 DPI, does the raw file size:      1. Double      2. Triple       3. Quadruple      4. None of the Above Insert Jeopardy Game Show music…. 🙂 A. Number 3. The …

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Alexander Penkin’s Cadtool 5 Updated

For those who’ve waited and hoped for numerous powerful CAD-like features in CorelDRAW, this macro is a huge toolbox. It’s amazingly affordable for the amount of functionality you get. Recently, the macro had a small additional function added to reset the location of macro – for those who use dual …

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Alexander Penkin’s Axonometric 3 update

The latest version: 3.3, the main attraction is that it now offers more projections. Existing version 3 owners can access it through their accounts. Otherwise, you can Purchase here for a low price of only 19.95 USD.

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