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Thursday Tip: Web Safe Colors

There has long been a misconception that only a limited set of colors were "safe" on the Web. That just isn't the case, all RGB colors can be used on the Web. I've even seen mention that only Hex colors were Web safe. No, hexadecimal is simply another numbering...

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Macro Monday: Draw Color Helper

I guess this one doesn't technically count as a macro since it is a standalone EXE file. But the main function of the program is to allow you to more easily enter both decimal and hex colors in CorelDRAW. Separate versions are available for CorelDRAW 11, CorelDRAW...

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Monday Macro: Dizzy: Channels

Do you work with color separations in CorelDRAW? If so, today's macro could be just what you need. Dizzy: Channels allows you to quickly turn various colors on and off so that you can preview the separations using that color right on screen.After installing, you'll...

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Macro Monday: wOxxOm Hex Color

Anyone designing graphics for the Web can certainly appreciate the need to specify RGB color values as hexadecimal numbers. When you use color on a Web page, you use hex numbers. Yet when you are working in CorelDRAW, the colors are all specified as decimal...

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Thursday Tip: Expand Your Palettes

If you look at the default color palette in CorelDRAW, it only appears to have around 100 color swatches. Sure, there are a number of palettes that come with CorelDRAW that can be used if you want more colors. But did you know that there is a very easy way to get...

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Great Source for Color Combos

As a designer, you are always trying to find colors that work well together. I ran across a free tool today that can help you create color themes and I want to tell you a bit about it.Kuler is a free tool on the Adobe Web site. One of its features is that it can...

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