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Corel Corporation is the company behind CorelDRAW, Painter and a lot of other design software. Learn more about the company.

Corel Saved From the Brink

Here in the United States, it is Thanksgiving. I know that I have a lot to be thankful for and I will be enjoying the day away from work with friends. I also want to give thanks to you, my loyal readers, for constantly sending me notes of thanks for the content I...

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Support Third Parties

I started out this series of posts by telling you where Corel Corporation stands today. I’ve also presented three ideas for improving the sales and marketing of CorelDRAW: Add Publishing Tool to CorelDRAW Suite, Get CorelDRAW in the Schools and Convert the...

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Convert the Pirates

Some of you may think I’m talking about the Somali pirates or even the fictional Disney characters. No, we’re talking about software pirates here. I would venture a guess that half of the copies of CorelDRAW in use today are illegal. That isn’t...

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Get CorelDRAW in the Schools

A couple of days ago I gave a recap of where Corel Corporation stands. Yesterday I gave my first marketing suggestion, add a publishing tool to the CorelDRAW suite. Today I’m going to lay out a way I think Corel can make inroads into the education market. Some...

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The State of Corel Corporation

For the next few days, I’m going to do a series on where Corel Corporation stands today and then I’ll offer a few suggestions on things I feel would benefit the company and their sales.In the last week, Corel mailed their annual report to stockholders....

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Corel World Under Way

This has already been an interesting trip for me. There was the long wait for the Border Patrol while driving to San Diego from Phoenix. Then there was the mixup with my hotel room when I arrived. Luckily, all has gone smoothly with the conference. Sunday was the day...

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If I Were CEO of Corel…

It was almost two years ago that Vector Capital purchased Corel and made the company private. Soon after the purchase, Amish Mehta of Vector Capital was made the CEO. Numerous changes have been made at Corel and Mehta’s days of CEO are coming to an end....

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