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Corel Corporation is the company behind CorelDRAW, Painter and a lot of other design software. Learn more about the company.

Corel Corporation

Corel Upgrade Policy Altered

Back in early December last year, I wrote about Adobe and Corel Upgrade Policies. Strangely enough Corel announced a new upgrade policy on that very same day and the announcement didn't make much news at the time. This new policy could have an effect on you and I...

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Corel Corporation

Corel Saved From the Brink

Here in the United States, it is Thanksgiving. I know that I have a lot to be thankful for and I will be enjoying the day away from work with friends. I also want to give thanks to you, my loyal readers, for constantly sending me notes of thanks for the content I...

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Corel Corporation

Support Third Parties

I started out this series of posts by telling you where Corel Corporation stands today. I've also presented three ideas for improving the sales and marketing of CorelDRAW: Add Publishing Tool to CorelDRAW Suite, Get CorelDRAW in the Schools and Convert the Pirates....

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