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Asus 32 Inch 4K ProArt Monitor

Having a fast computer is great. But I find that many users allocate the majority of their budget to the computer and the monitor is more of an afterthought. The strange thing is that a really good monitor can easily outlast a computer. As an example, I invested in a …

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BenQ GW2765HT Monitor Give Big View For Bargain Price

I feel one of the most important pieces of technology for someone working with graphics is a great monitor. Big sizes and high pixel counts are important. But they also usually come with fairly high prices. The BenQ GW2765HT monitor delivers a 27 inch monitor with 2560×1440 pixels at a …

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Asus Delivers 28 Inch 4K Monitor at Bargain Price

A few months back I wrote The Biggest Baddest Computer Monitor Money Could Buy. The monitor I featured, the ASUS PQ321Q 4K Monitor is truly amazing. It also is outside of the budget for most designers. Since that post went up, the price has dropped to around $2400. There is …

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The Biggest Baddest Computer Monitor Money Can Buy

It was almost exactly seven years ago when I last bought a monitor for my main desktop computer. The best monitors of the day maxed out at 2560 x 1600 pixels on a 30 inch display. That’s more than four million pixels. It wasn’t cheap at around $1500. I’m still …

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Monitor Resolution and Monitor Size Both Important

Today I want to step back from specific hardware and talk in general about monitors. There seems to be user confusion about various aspects of monitors. One of the most important specs you hear about a monitor is the diagonal size of the screen. For those of us in the …

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Widen Your View With Dell UltraSharp U3011 30 Inch Monitor

When working with graphics, most of us are looking at a monitor all day long. It always surprises me when I visit a client and they have a less than stellar monitor on their desk. Sure, computer speed is important. For me, I find a good monitor to be just …

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Wacom Cintiq 24HD Graphic Tablet and Monitor

If you are working with graphics software, you need a Wacom tablet. I’ve said that many times before and I’m sure I’ll say it many times in the future. Of course I also feel pretty strongly that having a large, high-resolution display can be a huge boost to your productivity. …

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LCD Monitors and Native Resolution

Many users have moved from a traditional tube-based monitor to LCD monitors in the past couple of years. This can include desktop LCD monitors as well as laptops. There is also the move from monitors with a 4:3 aspect ratio to “widescreen” 16:9 monitors. From reading various questions posed in …

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CES News–Wacom Cintiq Tablets

I’m sure many of you have seen news items about CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Maybe it was the 150 inch plasma TV or the 3mm thick OLED display from Sony. Or even the car that could drive itself. Sure, I saw those things at the show. I’m going to focus …

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