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Crucial MX300 SSD Drives Up to 2TB

If you want a fast drive in your computer, SSD drives are great. Typically they’ve had two hurdles to clear. They cost more than mechanical drives and the capacity wasn’t big enough for all your data. Over time the costs have come down and the capacities have gone up. Crucial …

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SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB SSD Drive

I’ve written many times in the past about the benefits of an SSD drive. Moving data to and from a mechanical drive is one of the biggest slowdowns on most computers. Using an SSD drive speeds up the process dramatically and can make your whole computer faster. If speed is …

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Samsung 850 EVO SSD Drive Brings Speed at Reasonable Cost

SSD Drives have been around for several years now. The early versions had small capacities and weren’t very reliable. Reliability is now rock solid with tests showing they could last up to 1000 years under a normal workload. I will be long gone before the end of that 1000 years …

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Two Drives in One – WD Black2 SSD + HDD

I’ve written often about both hard drives and SSD drives as they are the holders of our operating system, software and data. SSD drives cost a lot more and hold a lot less so they are best for storing just the operating system. Hard drives are slower, but they have …

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Speed Up Your Computer With OCZ Vector 150 SSD Drive

There are many factors that determine if a computer performs fast or not. A fast processor is certainly helpful if you are rendering video, applying effects to large bitmaps or simply dealing with complex calculations. Having enough RAM is also very important. Often it is the speed of the hard …

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Samsung 840 Evo is Screaming Fast SSD Drive

I’ve talked many times previously about the benefits of an SSD drive. Rather than the traditional mechanical hard drive where platters are spinning around inside the enclosure, SSD drives are made of solid state memory. This makes them insanely fast, but they also cost more than mechanical drives. Ideally you …

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Samsung 840 Pro 6 GB/S SATA SSD Drive

I’ve talked many times about SSD drives. They are incredibly fast (many times faster than a mechanical drive), but cost more than a traditional mechanical hard drive. So the ideal setup is to have your operating system installed on the SSD drive and your software/data on a mechanical drive. This …

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Samsung 830 Series SSD Drives Are Lightning Fast, Reasonably Priced

There are many factors that make up the speed of a computer. CPU, memory and graphics adapter all play a very important part. Yet many times it is the hard drive that can be the weak link in the speed equation. One way to really speed things up is to …

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Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drive

Last week I told you about the hybrid RevoDrive and some of its pros and cons. Today I’m going to tell you about another hybrid drive. It isn’t quite as big or fast, but it also features a more friendly price. The Seagate Momentus XT drive comes in 750 GB …

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OCZ Agility 3 SSD Drive

How much is a speedy computer worth to you? Often one of the slower components is the hard drive in your computer. When you are booting, data needs to be pulled from the hard drive. During a computer session, numerous temporary files are saved to the main drive. These are …

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