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Importance of Responsive Web Pages With Forms

About a week ago, I told you about Free Vehicle Templates and Huge Artwork Library. Many of you registered for a free subscription and there may have been a small number of you who had issues with the form. One of the biggest trends in Web design is having a …

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Free Vehicle Templates and Huge Artwork Library

You’ve likely seen quite a few vehicles covered with artwork. Most likely, you already have the graphics tools needed to create the artwork for vehicles. The last piece of the equation is a template upon which to design the artwork for each specific vehicle type. If the vehicle is a …

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Vehicle Templates Unleashed Provides New Site For Wraps, Rhinestones, Signs and More

A little over a month ago I told you about a new site in Seamless Textures Unleashed Provides a New Home For Your Favorite Fills. It was the first site we created dedicated to a single product line. We’ve now built another new site, Vehicle Templates Unleashed, for those in …

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Cave Creek Geek Shows Off Vehicle Wraps at JC Printing

JC Printing is a full-service print house that recently had a grand opening open house in their new facility. The Cave Creek Geek heard there was a free lunch available and toured the operation. Sure, you can get business cards and brochures printed. They also can handle all aspects of …

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Vehicle Template Search Updated and Older Templates Available For Free Download

We have recently updated the search functionality for the vehicle templates offered on Graphics Unleashed. Before you think this only applies to those interested in vehicle templates, please read on as there is a wide variety of artwork available. Let’s first look at a screenshot of a few of the …

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Car ‘n Truck Vehicle Outline Collection 2013 DVD Released, On Sale Through January 2013

The DVD of Car ‘n Truck Vehicle Outline Collection has been released. On the DVD are templates from 2008 model year and newer. For those who need older templates, they can be downloaded. I am so excited about this updated DVD that I was able to convince the manufacturer to …

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Designing Vehicle Renderings with Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW and iPad

Users don’t always realize how easy it is to create artwork for vehicle graphics and even to create a realistic 3D rendering of the vehicle. For that reason, we’ve posted five free video tutorials to show the design process. That is in additional to the many written tutorials that have …

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Lifetime Updates Now Available For Vehicle Templates

One of the most popular artwork collections on our site are the Car ‘n Truck Vehicle Outline Collection. Until recently, it was available as a one-year subscription and/or on DVDs. Recently we’ve added a lifetime subscription that allows you to download any template at any time. Look carefully at the …

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Video Tutorials For Designing Vehicle Wraps on iPad or in Adobe Photoshop

You can use virtually any graphics software on many different platforms to design vehicle wraps. The biggest key is having a library of templates for vehicles. Today I’d like to share with you a couple of video tutorials showing you how a couple of different platforms can be used for …

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Using Vehicle Templates and a Price Drop

As part of both CorelDRAW X4 and CorelDRAW X5, there are as many as 2000 vehicle templates supplied in the clip art library. More than 70,000 templates are available in the Vehicle Outlines collection. Once you have the template, then you need to start adding artwork in CorelDRAW for the …

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