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Razer Seiren Pro Elite XLR/USB Digital Microphone

There was a day when creating only graphic content was found in a day’s work. Nowadays artists are expected to create all different types of media and that includes audio. It could be a podcast, it could be the audio track of a video or even a live broadcast. If …

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Sun Visors Etc Makeover With WordPress

It was over a year ago that we built a new site for Sun Visors Etc to replace an online store scheduled to be discontinued. All of the details of this makeover are described in a new post entitled Sun Visors Etc Web Site Makeover on our site Web Design …

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Unleashed Power Outage and Windows 10 Update Failures

We had planned for months to transition the Web site to a new server on December 21. The plan was written out and revisited more than a few times so we could make sure the transition was as smooth as possible. All started out well and the Web site …

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Happy Holidays From Graphics Unleashed

We’ve had a very busy year here at Unleashed with the overhaul of our Web sites and a series of new products. Now that the Web transition is complete, our elves are going to relax for a few days and enjoy the holiday season. May you all have a very …

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At the Age of Twenty, Moves to WordPress

The site first came to life in May 1995 and it started as just a single page. Over the years it went through a number of makeovers and it grew to over ten thousand pages. Unfortunately it got to the point where making some of the needed changes were …

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May The Force Be With Your Waffles

If you are a Star Wars fan, you likely already know the latest iteration of the movie franchise hits screens on December 18, 2015. Along with it comes merchandise of all types. One of the cutest I’ve seen is a Death Star Waffle Maker. The prices currently shown on Amazon …

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Do You Know How Your Email Works?

I’m sure some of you know exactly how your email works. Unfortunately I often hear from users who don’t know how email works. My fear is that their misunderstanding of email will mean those users miss this post. Just in case, I want to outline a few things to help …

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Soaring Spirit Studio Web Site Makeover

Over the years, I’ve found that readers love to read about makeovers. While some of you are very interested in Web design topics, others are not interested. For that reason, I’ve started a new Web Design Solutions Unleashed Blog where I will cover Web design topics. The first post describes …

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WordPress Desktop App Makes Managing Multiple Sites Easier

For those of you who don’t stay up on Web design trends, the WordPress platform now powers the sites of more than 25% of the Internet. That percentage has been increasing year over year and our own sites have shifted from other technologies to WordPress. Our last remaining site is …

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New Foster’s Photos Site Launched With My Photography

Thanks to the advent of social media, I’ve shared hundreds of photos I’ve taken with friends and followers worldwide. Some of the photos are very popular and I’ll get asked if I sell my photos anywhere. Until very recently, the answer was no though I tried to work with the …

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Unleash Your Social Media Branding

Last Friday I told you about our new Photos Unleashed service that goes along with the services we provide for Web design. It came out of seeing so many of our Web design clients needing help with their photos. Another area where clients needed assistance is having a consistent brand …

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Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace Goes Black, Site Move Soon

It was about two months ago that I told you The Big Makeover Nearing Completion. Since that announcement, we’ve moved a lot more content to our new sites. Now the big changes are going to start happening. We’ve disabled all forms of payments in Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace because …

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Grate Collection Of Heavy Metal Seamless Textures

This collection of seamless metal textures may not have the 50,000 watts of power mentioned in Sammy Hagar’s song Heavy Metal, but it is loaded with a wide variety of metal. Power up your artwork arsenal with a new collection of seamless textures featuring 144 different metal patterns as part …

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Photos Unleashed Service Improves Photos at Fixed Cost

Most loyal readers are already aware that much of my focus has shifted towards providing services for Web design. When I first talk with a client, they always want to provide an exact cost before I have any understanding of the type of Web site they desire. Even after we’ve …

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Adobe Has Killed Off Flash, Hopefully Usage Will Follow

For many years Flash was a popular tool/format for putting animated and/or vector graphics online. Popularity has declined as the HTML5 standard has taken its place. The death of Flash has come in stages and there are likely still more stages to come before it is truly dead. Let’s go …

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Graphics Unleashed 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Last year I wrote a tech gift guide with 22 products selling for under $30. This year I didn’t limit the price to $30 and so the products listed below could be under $5 and could be much more expensive. I will list the prices shown on Amazon at the …

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