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Finding a New Customer While Ordering a Pizza

I was running a bunch of errands the other day and just wanted to order a quick meal to pick up on the way home. The decision was made to order a pizza from a shop on the way home. Thanks to mobile technology, I got on my smartphone and …

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Hard Drive Replaced With Zero Data Loss

Last Monday I told you SMART Warning Predicts Imminent Hard Disk Failure. A week later, I’m happy to report my laptop is healthy again, most all of my software is installed and all data is safely back where it was earlier. The biggest delay in the whole process was waiting …

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Vinyl George Font Fits All Projects And All Names

There are most likely quite a few of you who cut vinyl. And probably several of you are named George. Maybe even a George who cuts vinyl. Today’s font, Vinyl George, is more of a grunge font that might just be perfect for your project even projects that don’t involve …

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Make Sure To Select Anchor Object When Aligning in CorelDRAW

In the last few days, my projects have involved aligning a large number of objects in CorelDRAW. Of course I’m using shortcut keys as described in CorelDRAW’s Alignment Shortcut Keys. They work great, but the whole operation can go wonky if the objects aren’t selected in the correct order. What …

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Old Smartphones Still Full of Value

Loyal readers will remember in the Charge Your Smartphone or Tablet Wirelessly With QI Wireless Charger post I mentioned that a new smartphone was on order. My new phone has been in my hands for a week now and I’m loving it. What does someone do with their old smartphone? …

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Boopee Fonts Bring Handwritten Cartoon Fonts to Your Designs

Today’s fonts, Boopee, brings to mind the well-known cartoon character Betty Boop. So it is only appropriate that the fonts are handwriting fonts that would be a great fit for a cartoon. Get your copy! Not sure how to download and install fonts? Make sure to read Downloading Fonts, Installing …

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Crashes Cause Temporary Files Causing More Crashes

I was working with a long-time reader yesterday as part of my Hire The Geek service and our goal was make CorelDRAW stop crashing so often. For some users, these crashes happen all too often. I will repeat again and again that I rarely crash when using CorelDRAW. I don’t …

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Yealink W52P Cordless Handsets Great VOIP Choice

Yealink 52p Cordless Handset

Loyal readers know I’ve been very happy with our switch to RingCentral about eighteen months ago. Most recently I wrote about this switch in RingCentral Provides Much More Than Savings on Phone Service. In our case, we are using regular cordless phones that are plugged into adapter boxes so that …

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Graphics Unleashed Blog Is Moved

The last week has been crazy. When I came into the office last Monday, I had the idea to move the Graphics Unleashed Blog. That day, the new domain name was purchased. Two days later, all of the content (more than 4000 pages) had been migrated to the new site. …

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Sofia Script Font Great Addition to Your Collection

When I first saw the name of today’s font, Sofia, I immediately thought of the amazing Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey. I’m sure there is no relation between the two, I just connected them through the name. What you will find is another great script font in OpenType format to …

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Graphics Unleashed Blog to Undergo Makeover and Move

I explained a couple of days ago in Makeover Web Sites For Mobile Devices or Lose Search Traffic how sites that don’t adapt to mobile devices will see a decline in search traffic from Google. Later in the post was a list of sites that have been built in the …

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RingCentral Provides Much More Than Savings on Phone Service

It was almost eighteen months ago that we switched our office phones from landlines provided by Centurylink to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) supplied by RingCentral. I detailed this decision and how it dropped our costs by 75% in Upgrade Your Phone Service and Save Money With RingCentral. In that …

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See Inside Your Designs With Xray Ted Fonts

I’ve been very lucky that I’ve had very few Xrays in my life. Most of them have been of my teeth. Today’s fonts are Xray Ted and they feature very narrow characters making them perfect for a long headline that needs to fit in a tight space. Get your copy! …

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SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB SSD Drive

I’ve written many times in the past about the benefits of an SSD drive. Moving data to and from a mechanical drive is one of the biggest slowdowns on most computers. Using an SSD drive speeds up the process dramatically and can make your whole computer faster. If speed is …

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