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How to Stop Facebook Game Requests

Among Facebook users, there are two distinct groups of users: those who play games and those who detest being bombarded with game requests. If you are one who hates the game requests, I’ll show you the steps to make them stop. First you need to understand something about Facebook’s motivation. …

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Your Designs Will Be Trashed With This Font

I hope everyone had a great day of feasting yesterday and your table was as trashed as mine after everyone got done with seconds and thirds of all the good stuff. Today it is time for your designs to get Trashed. We all need another grunge font for headlines. Get …

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Getting Rid of the X in CorelDRAW PowerClip Frames

If my memory is correct, the PowerClip feature arrived somewhere around CorelDRAW 5. That’s 5, not X5. So it has been around for around 20 years. As Corel looks at how users take advantage of features, they look for pain points and ways that pain can be removed or at …

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Name Your Software, Backup Your Computer and a New Service

It’s been a while since I’ve answered questions from the mailbag. Unfortunately I think two of the topics are going to sound like a broken record because they are topics I talk about quite often. Name Your Software I continue to be baffled by users who are completely unable to …

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Warm Up to the Points West NF Font

With the bitter cold that is hitting a large part of the United States, you may be tempted to go to points west (like our home in Arizona) to find some warmth. While actually getting away to the west may be hard, we thought you might get some warmth from …

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What Is Your Three Year Cycle?

A few months ago I did a CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Session for a company whose products are on a three year update cycle. There are a variety of training materials from books to DVDs to live training presentations. Within those materials are a lot of graphics. Once a cycle is …

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ARA CorelDRAW Seminars In Las Vegas

I will be providing three different seminars at the 2015 ARA International Awards Market to be held January 27-30, 2015 in Las Vegas. I’ll give you a brief overview of each of my sessions below and you can visit their education page to learn more and to register. There are …

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iolo System Mechanic 14 Professional Revisited

About a month and a half ago I wrote iolo System Mechanic 14 Professional Restores Computer Speed. Now that it has been doing its job on my system, it is time to revisit the software and let you know how it is working for me. I’ll also pass along a …

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Two Flavors of Labtop Candy Fonts

A week ago was Halloween and millions of children across the world traded a little scare for some tasty candy. Admittedly I even begged a couple of friends for some candy even though I had no costume and I’m far too old for trick or treating. Today I’m giving you …

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