Dust Gets In All Your Computer Hardware

February 17, 2014

Dust Build Up ComputerA couple of weeks ago, I wrote Own a DVD Factory With Epson Discproducer PP-100II CD/DVD Publisher. I mentioned in the post that after five and a half years, I had to send our unit back for repairs. It has now returned to our office and is working great.

When it was returned, there was a note included detailing all of the work done. We had sent it for repair as the printer drawer would no longer function. This was caused by a failed printhead and it was replaced. After thousands of prints, no surprise it had worn out. The firmware inside of the device was badly out of date. Given the age and that it can’t be updated by end users, that wasn’t a surprise either.

The fans were really noisy and they were replaced with nice quiet fans. How many millions of rotations had those fans spun? But the biggest note was for the massive amount of dust in the unit. There were filters on the fans that had worn out so that surely contributed to the large amount of dust that had been sucked inside the case. I’m going to give the case a long look to see if there is an easy way for me to clean it out once or twice a year.

As a reminder, the Cave Creek Geek did a video where I removed dust from a computer. In the video, I used an air compressor and that needs to be done carefully so you don’t knock anything out of place. You can also do it with a can of compressed air. Read Blow Out Your Computer Before It Blows Up and Clean Your Computer With Compressed Air for more information. Even though these posts talk about cleaning out your computer, it is a good idea to clean out other devices especially if they sit on the floor!

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