Last week I told you about some of my favorite products in 2018. Today I’ll cover the rest of my favorites. These are products that I’ve written about in my Hump Day Hardware blogs and that I have actually purchased and love. Yes, there are Amazon links for which I get a tiny commission if you buy something. No products were provided for free.

Some people love Alexa and some are scared of it. I’m in the former category and I’ve spent a fair amount of time automating my home. That includes a variety of Echo devices including the Fire TV Cube. Add in various switches and smart plugs for controlling lighting. More automation will likely take place in the coming month as I love Alexa and what it does to enhance my life.

Many users upgrade their computer and go for parts that make it fast. Yet one of the most important ways we interact with a computer is overlooked. To me, a big monitor is vitally important especially those working in the world of graphics. In Prices of 43″ 4K Monitors Dropping, LG Has Great Option I told you about an awesome 43″ 4K monitor that won’t break the bank.

I got the LG Electronics 42.5″ Screen LED-lit Monitor and couldn’t do without it at this point. It allows me to have so much more on screen at any given time. Definitely one of my favorite investments this year.

The last two products will come with an asterisk as I’ve not used them yet. First up is the NOCO Genius Boost. I bought the Genius Boost and it is charged and waiting in my vehicle in case it is needed. As it is designed to jump start a vehicle with a dead battery, I know it will save me at some point. But my battery is going strong and thus I’ve not had a chance to use it.

In late October I posed the question Should I Get a Ring Video Doorbell? I went back forth trying to decide if I should take the leap. Then Amazon had a crazy Black Friday offer and I had to jump on it. So yes, I got the Ring Video Doorbell 2. It has arrived and will be installed in a couple of weeks. That also means more automation of my house as I discussed above.

Going forward, it will be a little bit more challenging for me to order new hardware. Amazon does deliver to my casa in Mexico, though it isn’t quite as quick and convenient as in the United States. I’ll still write about my favorites and I’ll find a way to get them in my hands.

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