Ideally I write 52 posts about hardware in any given year. I’ve missed a few weeks so there haven’t been quite that many posts. Some posts I write about products that I have purchased, while others talk about products that I think are great values in a particular category. Today I’m going to go over posts about products I’ve purchased and have really enjoyed. To keep this post from being really long, I’m going to cover half of them today and the other half next week. Yes, there are links to Amazon that earn me a small commission. Nobody paid me to write good things.

Last Christmas I was gifted with a small flashlight that led me to write Larry Flashlights Brighten Up Your Life. I guess you could say I got my “Larry” flashlight for free, but it wasn’t so that I would write about it. It is darned near the perfect flashlight and lives on my desk because I use it so often.

My tool collection underwent a makeover in the past year. It was time to consolidate my tools and make sure I had what I needed with a small footprint due to my downsizing. First up was Screwdriver Toolkit Has Everything Needed for Electronics Gear giving me every imaginable screwdriver for electronic devices. Larger screwdrivers were also needed and I wrote about them in 151 Piece Screwdriver Kit With Pliers and Durable Case. Between these two kits, I have the right screwdriver for most any project I’ll have.

I’m recording more videos with my phone and it was time to give the phone the extra tools necessary to get the best video. These tools were discussed in Making Movies With Your Smartphone. While I’ve not posted many videos recently, there are several already recorded that will be posted in the future.

One product I did get for free was written about in BenQ treVolo S Wireless Bluetooth Electrostatic Speaker Delivers Quality Sound. A few days ago there was a power outage and I put my BenQ treVolo S to good use streaming music from my phone.

I also had to upgrade my portable power banks due to the previous models overheating or being recalled. This was covered in Upgrading My Power Banks Due to Overheating. I have both the small and large power banks covered and often have at least one of them with me should my devices need more juice. Also mentioned is the ThinkANT Multi Charger cable that is an absolute must-have. I’ve got four of them and I’m tempted to get more!

Wow, that only covers posts for the first three months of the year. Hopefully I can cover the rest of this year’s favorites next week. Everything listed in this post is something I truly use on a regular basis and I heartily recommend each of them.

Photo by unsplash-logoNicolas Thomas

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