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Recovering From Hard Drive Failure

My month in Mexico was almost over and major failure interrupted the trip home. Not just a flat tire, but one that was completely destroyed. Not what you want to happen when it is 105 degrees and you in the middle of the desert more than fifty miles from the …

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Seagate External Drive Handy for Backup and Extra Storage

I know you don’t backup your computer often or at all. There may be a couple of you who have regular backups, but you are a rare breed. Today we’re going to look at external hard drives that can help you keep your data safe or to simply be a …

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Install Cloud In Your Office With WD My Cloud NAS

When most of us think about “the cloud,” we think about computer storage that is far away in some secret bunker. We might also have some security concerns because our data is out there in this unknown location. Will it get lost? Will it get stolen or leaked? Loyal readers …

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Portable My Passport Drive Makes Backup Easy

It always baffles me when I get yet another e-mail stating “my computer crashed and I lost…” It is so much easier to backup your computer than it was even a couple of years ago. Those e-mails just tell me the person didn’t care enough about their data to make …

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Disconnect Backup Drives To Protect Data

A couple of days ago I told you Cryptolocker Strikes, The Price Has Gone Up. The bad part about Cryptolocker and its variants is that they will encrypt every attached drive on your system. Therefore if you want a backup to be truly safe in case of disaster, the backup …

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Restoration of Failed Hard Drive and Online Backup Options

A few days ago I told you the horror story of A Failed Hard Drive and Importance of Backup. Today I want to follow up with the results of the restoration effort and to talk about the pros and cons of online backup options. I had actually underestimated the time …

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A Failed Hard Drive and Importance of Backup

I had dinner with a friend recently and heard a horror story about a potential loss of data. If you don’t take your data backup seriously now, maybe this story will make you rethink your current strategy. A backup strategy was in place, but somewhere along the line the backup …

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Store Downloaded Software and Serial Numbers in a Safe Place

Every single day our office receives a message from someone who has either lost the software/artwork they downloaded from us (or others) and/or the serial number needed to install or activate it. There are always tales of a failed hard drive or a new computer or some other reason. I …

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