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Web Site Failure, Free Trial and Free CorelDRAW Macro

There are some recurring questions we’re asked on a regular basis and I thought I’d put answers to each of them in this blog. As I was writing this I saw a tweet from Google stating the first Web page went live 25 years ago. After all of that time, …

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Right-Clicking in Browser Can Be Life Saver

I’ve had various interactions with users in the last week where the solution involved right-clicking in their Web browser. It surprised me that they weren’t aware of the numerous right-click options that I thought were commonly used. Maybe not, so I thought I’d share them with you today. First were …

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Mailbag Discussing Alien Skin Eye Candy and Vietnamese Text

A few days ago I was talking to a loyal reader who wanted to know if it was possible to use the popular Alien Skin Eye Candy plug-in filters in the 64-bit versions of Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Absolutely, thought it will take a little bit of extra work as I documented …

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Product Name Often Describes Delivery Method

We’ve had a few e-mails lately from customers who have purchased a downloadable tutorial. They were frustrated that several weeks had passed and they’d not yet received a package shipped to them. This makes me as frustrated as the customer since the product seemed to be labeled quite clearly as …

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Clean the Junk Out of Your Web Browser

I’ve written several times to suggest using an alternative Web browser as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the worst choice. Using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome gives you a better Web experience. Even if you use Internet Explorer as your main browser, you should still have an alternative installed should …

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Importing Illustrator and PDF Files Can Be Complicated

In the past week, I’ve had two separate interactions revolving around the importing of Adobe Illustrator and PDF Files into CorelDRAW. Let’s start with the very negative reaction one commenter has made on a video I made entitled Why CorelDRAW Claims AI or PDF Files Are Corrupt. I’ll warn you …

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Fill Flash and RAW Files Can Help Editing of Photos

A loyal reader has used the Hire the Geek service in order to improve the quality of some irreplaceable photos. Each of the photos was taken in bright light. In all cases, the faces of the people in the photos was in deep shadow. By looking at the EXIF data …

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ROMCat and Working With Clipart From CorelDRAW X7

I recently got an e-mail from someone who is not a native English speaker who wondered if ROMCat would work with clipart from CorelDRAW X7. Absolutely! The issue is that CorelDRAW X7 does not supply any clipart on the DVD and therefore there is no pre-built catalog supplied with CorelDRAW …

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Detailed Notes From CorelDRAW Seminars in Las Vegas Are Available

I had a lot of fun in Las Vegas teaching users a bunch of good information about CorelDRAW. It was exhausting to me to do all that teaching and I’m sure many of the users were exhausted from learning so much. The first seminar I taught was offered free to …

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Anti-Virus Software Required? Diagnosing Sick Computers

There is a local pizza joint that has a great deal on Wednesday evenings on pizza and wine. So there I sat the other night with a friend when an attractive woman starting waving at me from the bar. She and her beau has stopped in for a drink themselves …

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