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RIP David Huss

Those of you who have been using CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT for many users will no doubt recognize the name David Huss. He wrote several books on PHOTO-PAINT and was very active in the Corel community for a number of years. More recently he had turned his...

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Photoshop Plug-In Compatibility

Last week I attended the PMA Trade Show in Las Vegas. Strolling the aisles showed all of the latest and greatest products that a professional photographer would need. As usual, my focus was on software. Today I'll talk specifically about what some of the companies...

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Merge Modes Provide Solutions

I was reading through posts on Corel's support newsgroups yesterday and one of the regulars posted an old photograph and asked how the contrast could be improved. In short, the original was very washed out.I took a quick shot at fixing the picture. I duplicated the...

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