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A feature often desired by users is a way to take a scan of a font and have the font identified. Believe me, I understand this all too well. Prior to writing books on CorelDRAW, I worked for a font foundry and I often was given a fax to identify a font. It was a...

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Draw a Stickman

I don't know about you, but most of the things I draw are on the computer with the help of software. I always joke to CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Boot Camp classes that the extent of my artistic ability is drawing a stickman. When I ran across the Draw a Stickman...

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CameraSim DSLR Simulator

Digital SLR cameras can be expensive. If you haven't learned how to adjust all the settings on the camera, you have a learning curve in front of you. That's where today's site comes to the rescue. CameraSim allows you to adjust settings as if you were looking...

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Online Font Converter

You've got a library of fonts on your hard drive, but are they all in the format you prefer or need? I know I've converted my share of fonts from one format to another over the years. While it wasn't particularly difficult, it did take a little bit of time and some...

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Super Site: Maze Maker

When you look at today's site, you may wonder why it is so super. Maze Maker is not a site filled with a bunch of amazing information. It is super thanks to its simplicity.Now you might wonder why you would want a maze? I'll let you decide that one for yourself....

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