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Changes Coming to Unleashed in 2023

It is not uncommon to make some changes when the calendar changes from one year to another. We’ve been in the process of making some changes at Unleashed in the last few weeks and more changes will be made in the next few weeks. Today I’m going to detail...

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Why You Need To Own Your Content

Recently I sat down for an interview with the folks at Authority Magazine. I was asked a range of questions about how I got started, some of my best tips and even ways to avoid burnout. For those who have followed me for a very long time, you’ll learn how I got...

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Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Shopping

Our friends at cnet and reviewed put together different shopping guides and we wanted to pass them along to you. There are times when you’ll need to find a gift for someone and your mind is blank. There are three tiers listed here. One group is under $100,...

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A Very Special European Vacation

When I wrote the Building A Computer Is Normally Easy But Not Always post, I mentioned a big vacation that I’d describe in a future post. Time to share stories about the vacation. It all came about thanks to a client who made me an offer I couldn’t refuse....

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Where Were You 50 Years Ago?

There are few days in a person’s life where they know exactly where they were and what they were doing on a day 50 years earlier. Today is one such day for me, though my memory of that day is very limited. I was in Cape Canaveral, Florida to watch Apollo 11...

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Diving With Sharks in Moorea

There are many people who anxiously await Shark Week each year on the Discovery Channel. I’m probably not as addicted to it as others, but I am fascinated by sharks. This got me thinking back to January 2005 when I got the opportunity to dive with sharks. Even...

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The Open Door Leads Online and South

I think all of us have dates that stand out in our lives. For me, that date is March 17, 1993. Yes, it is St. Patrick’s Day, but that isn’t why the date stands out for me. It was the date when I signed my first CorelDRAW book contract. Twenty years later,...

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Chloe the Pirate Makes Television Debut

It was a Sunday afternoon in late August and I was going to see a favorite band of mine, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, play a show in Prescott, AZ. I heard that the television studio at AZTV was undergoing a makeover and I snuck in to get a look at their new set. A...

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Chloe Joins Unleashed Team

We have a new employee and her role is two parts: bunny security and chief dog food tester. There is a popular phrase that companies need to “eat their own dog food” and we needed an employee in place to take care of that for us. So far Chloe hasn’t...

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