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Why You Need To Own Your Content

Recently I sat down for an interview with the folks at Authority Magazine. I was asked a range of questions about how I got started, some of my best tips and even ways to avoid burnout. For those who have followed me for a very long time, you'll learn how I got...

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Authority Magazine Foster Coburn Interview
Just For Fun

A Very Special European Vacation

When I wrote the Building A Computer Is Normally Easy But Not Always post, I mentioned a big vacation that I'd describe in a future post. Time to share stories about the vacation. It all came about thanks to a client who made me an offer I couldn't refuse. No, it...

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Mediterranean Cruise Itinerary Map
Just For Fun

Where Were You 50 Years Ago?

There are few days in a person's life where they know exactly where they were and what they were doing on a day 50 years earlier. Today is one such day for me, though my memory of that day is very limited. I was in Cape Canaveral, Florida to watch Apollo 11 launch...

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Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 on moon

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