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My Social and Content Marketing Strategy on Twitter

Some of my loyal readers are going to see the mention of Twitter and be immediately disappointed. That group feels every single post should be about CorelDRAW and only CorelDRAW. The harsh reality is that posts about CorelDRAW are the least read posts I write. Yet no matter the topic …

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What Tool Should I Use to Develop a Web Site?

It is very common that someone wants to find a tool that allows them to easily create the most amazing Web site you’ve ever seen. Of course they also want a tool that can be learned on the fly. Even better if the user already owns software that can do …

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Twitter Profile Update Now Available to All

Twitter has released the major redesign to everyone. As of this writing, you have to ask to have your profile converted to the new format. Yes, it looks a lot more like Facebook with a big emphasis on images. I’ve already updated mine and you can see a screenshot of …

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Twitter Header Template Updated for 2014 Redesign

Less than two weeks ago, I made available an updated Facebook Fan Page Cover Template for 2014 Redesign. The new layout has not yet been introduced on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page, though we’ve already uploaded our new cover photo in preparation. Now it is Twitter’s turn to redesign their …

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Twitonomy Provides Detailed Analytics of Twitter Activity

A couple of months ago, I gave you Five Tips For Getting Started on Twitter. Now that you’ve had some time to get your account set up and get to tweeting, it is time to see exactly how your tweets are performing. I recently found a cool site called Twitonomy …

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How to Determine if Twitter Followers Are Real or Fake For Free

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve written a couple of posts to help you understand more about Twitter. First was Five Tips For Getting Started on Twitter and then we discussing using hashtags in Use #Hashtags in Social Media to Increase Exposure. Some Twitter users are frustrated that their …

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Five Tips For Getting Started on Twitter

In talking with many users, I hear that they don’t get Twitter. I get it as I was there at one point. Today I’d like to provide you with five tips to help you get started. OK, there are probably more than five as I’ve combined multiple tips into each …

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Use The Tao of Twitter to Fully Grasp the Power of Tweeting

Have you tried Twitter? I’m guessing there are probably three prevalent answers to that question. First would be that you don’t understand why you would even want an account. Second would be that you created an account, sent a couple of tweets and you just didn’t see any reason to …

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Free Twitter Header Template For CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Twitter recently added the ability to have a header graphic on your profile. Now before you say something about not being on Twitter, this may be an opportunity for you to create these graphics for others. And if you are on Twitter, you can create your own header graphic. If …

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Social Media Icon Sets

So many projects these days require the inclusion of at least one social media icon. Maybe you need small bitmap icons for a Web site or you could need vector artwork for a brochure. I recently came across a post that has compiled 43 sets of social media icons that …

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