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Closing Dockers in CorelDRAW

Loyal readers are well aware that we moved the unleash.com Web site recently to a new server. This meant that anything attempting to connect to the old content would no longer function. As decisions were made about what content to move forward and what content to leave behind, we looked …

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Three CorelDRAW Unleashed Multimedia Training Books Downloadable

As part of moving products from our old site to the new sites, we recently moved the CorelDRAW 12 Unleashed, CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed and CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed multimedia training books. Since they cover older versions of CorelDRAW, we really didn’t want to stock and ship the CDs and DVDs going …

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Importing Stock Artwork Into CorelDRAW

You may have seen that I included an SSL graphic in my post yesterday, Securing Web Sites Often Requires Finding Insecure Elements. It was a stock vector graphic I got from iStock. In the ZIP file I downloaded were two files, a JPG (obviously a bitmap) and an EPS. Both …

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CorelDRAW Unleashed Bonus Content Packs Available For Download

There are two things I know users love: instant gratification and saving money. As a way to answer both of those criteria, we’ve moved all of our CorelDRAW Unleashed Bonus Content Packs to downloads. Once your order is complete, you can download the content and put it to use immediately! …

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Design Base Updates, CorelDRAW Color Separation Solutions

As more and more products move to our new sites, we can focus on adding new and updated products. One of the most popular products on our sites is the free Design Base Automation Plug-In. It had been a long time since the last update as there was a major …

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Rebuild Fountain Fills By Using Eyedropper to Capture Colors

I recently received a vector logo from a client where the main object was broken into many pieces with each piece having a separate color. To simplify the logo, I wanted to Weld all of the objects together in CorelDRAW so they were a single object. But if they are …

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Oberon Thumbnailer Macro Makes Thumbnail Catalogs Easy to Create in CorelDRAW

One of the tasks I’ve been performing a lot lately for Web design clients is adding a number of photos to an online gallery. I’m provided with a large number of photos and I have to determine the best photos to use on their Web site. Just staring at all …

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Convert bitmaps to vector halftones with Rstones 3

Create vector dots/shapes as a halftone representation, right inside CorelDRAW. You can make custom shapes as the halftone dot too (you need to make a custom catalog of your custom shape). I created the triangle shape for the example below. The resolution of the halftone is selectable in a unique …

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CorelDRAW Unleashed Web Site Has Undergone a Redesign and Update

In the summer of 2007 we launched a new Web site, coreldrawunleashed.com. It had a specific purpose and it had fulfilled that purpose by the end of 2008. At that time, we’d make a few changes to it but it mostly sat dormant. After six years of mostly hibernating, we …

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CorelDRAW Web and Social Media Success Kit

If I were to ask the majority of CorelDRAW users if they created graphics for the Web, they would probably say no. The reality is that most users are probably creating graphics to be used on the Web and may not even realize it. Where are all these graphics being …

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